February 1, 2011

post ‘world of love’ update

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Friday was the World Of Love independent games development conference, in London. I went along not really knowing much about any of the individual speakers or companies involved…but I guess that was half the point, right?

There were some interesting talks (the highlight, for me at least, being a talk by the creator of “Dark Wind“, a one-man created mmo. very impressive, and stand-out. Some of the other talks were more along the lines of “this is our company, and this is how we work” – which, for me, is less interesting…especially when these companies tend to act more as an outsource for IP-owning clients, rather than really developing independent projects. – not really so much the side of things that I’m interested in, personally.. although there are some areas of cross-over, I’m sure.
All in all a very good day, met some genuinely enthusiastic indie devs (and non-devs) and had 3 cups of tea. Also had this cake which was really good.
So is there a place for content driven independent games? Uh.. well, I guess we’ve still got that to answer. And I guess the main thing that stuck with me from the day is: “How do you describe Excruciating Guitar Voyage (series) in one sentence?”. That’s something that’s got to be thought about.

(SIDENOTE: EGV1 is now popular enough that it has been pirated, by some pirate group. thanks a lot, you dicks!)

The next morning, we went along to the post-WoL game-jam (we being myself, Joakim and Ben)..we’d had about 2 hours sleep after a particularly tiring evening/night/morning in Islington, and it was showing.. we created a small game, which I’m currently calling “Tortune”.. it’s a spinning disc rhythm game with poly-rhythms and awkward sounds.. it was pretty much a manifestation of our exhaustion, in game form.. we made a 2 player mode which was way more fun, but then we added some animals textured with train seat textures – and you couldn’t see them that well with 2 players – so it was back to 1 player… It was great to hang out with some other devs and see some of their work… and, uh, apologies we were such a state!

Monday – back to EGV2. The “isolated puzzle area” I’ve been working on is all coming together well.. it’s actually gotten to be quite large.. hopefully not too large. It’s got ghosts, gingerbread, and bookcases.. it’s all a little spooky!
Got some awesome new assets from Tim. EGV2 is going to look great. A few people played a section of it over the weekend – which has led me to think it needs a little difficulty balancing… we hadn’t done any real testing (of any kind) with EGV2 previously, so it was nice to see a few reactions. The intro and new animations seemed to impress, so that’s GOOD NEWS.

Stick Unleashed went back in to peer review yesterday…. We got loads a bit of Kieronononon recording done – some of which will almost definitely end up as part of the EGV2 soundtrack. So, yeah, I’ve been busy.

well, that’s my blogbligation complete for this week. BYE. fucking screenshots next time, yeh?

(oh yeah, PX has new legs:


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