January 22, 2011

EGV2 updates

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the past week I’ve been back on the EGV2 path. The first major update is that Tim has given PX a new body:
PX new body
He looks like a real person! The 7-sided blob body is gone… forever.

I’ve been working on one of the ‘set piece’ levels. It’s going pretty well so far – we’ve got those nice dynamic shadows, moving staircases, gingerbread men, and a whole load more.. I’m about to put some heavy machinery in and actually start shaping the puzzles… it’s a fairly isolated area in some respects, so it doesn’t have to rely on, or have any major implications on other areas of the game….which is good for design freedom here.

The preview build is still coming along… we’re planning that it’ll showcase the first 5-10 minutes of the game, our new graphics and new interface.. it’s not too puzzle heavy or difficult, as it’s the very first section of the game.

Not much else to report on..everything progressing fairly solidly. Oh – We’ve also got the new “objectives and inventory” screen in.. it’s much less intrusive than previously.. More soon!


January 11, 2011

Stick ‘Em Up: Even More Stick

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I’ve been working on a follow-up to 2010’s “Stick ‘Em Up”.. It’s called “Stick ‘Em Up: Even More Stick”.

One of the key features of SEU:MS is the new level editor! You can now build your own VS levels, co-op levels, or even just “stick man playgrounds” right within the game on X360.

I’ve made a video of me creating a level from scratch here:

There were several challenges in creating the level editor. Firstly, I had to occlude any lines which should not show, where geometry overlaps. In our own levels, we can always control where geometry overlaps – so we’d just not put in any of these lines… but I can’t stop a player from doing this – so I’ve had to use some stencil buffering to make it render multiple objects which overlap, as if they are one solid block.

I’ve had to make some optimizations to the SEU framework/engine in general to speed things up – it’s highly likely that a player will create rooms packed with more enemies than a normal SEU level.. I’ve had to put some limits on how many enemies can be placed in the level (for memory and performance), but I’ve also optimized all the AI and object spawning to make sure that things run as smoothly as possible even when at these limits.

One fun thing is that I’ve included all the vehicles in the editor.. so you can just create a set of ramps and obstacles for the car, should you wish… or just add a whole load of invaders (and invader ships for the players) and make essentially a twin-stick space level!

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