December 17, 2010

a look at WickedWorx tools, December 2010 edition

Filed under: Technical — wickedworx dev clone 1 @ 12:35 pm

the “plus” symbols you see everywhere show positions of objects (whether they are just nodes for camera work, guiding walk paths in scripts, spawning objects at a position later etc.., or actual physical world objects.. sprites, decals, characters, etc.. some are lights!)
they’re all at funny angles so that if two are in the same place – you can see both!! 😉

the top right box shows the list of objects in the scene.. the 2nd box down shows the components the current object is made of, and the 3rd box down lets you edit the parameters sent to that component on create.

there’s also a slider for zoom which i shoved in the middle ‘coz it didn’t seem to fit anywhere else.

the initial version of this editor was probably put together in around 3-4 hours… it’s had a few improvements since (one which Kevin is particularly proud of is the “clone” button, which we didn’t have during EGV1).. – still, it’s probably saved us 100s of hours, as previously we would be hand editing .scene files (me and Jon C did this during Whatever Games SEU1 – it was definitely stressful!).. so, in terms of an investment for time saving – pretty effective..
Componentiator is cross-project, too… SEU2 (Whatever Games), EGV1+2, Super Janitoroid… a few others are using it for their own games (Goatbuoy is working on a pinball game using our stuff, and has picked up Componentiator pretty quickly!…possibly finding us a few bugs to fix on the way…)

oh – and here’s a picture of our animation tool:
characters in EGV are made up of floating parts which we move about to create nice animations.
for EGV1 we didn’t have an animation tool… we just hand edited all the .anim (xml) files.. this meant that some animations were more simplistic than if we could’ve had a visual editing tool… animations in EGV2 are more slick and detailed!
Should mention that Animhator isn’t quite as cross-project as Componentiator, as it really only animates in the style of EGV… although it could be used for sprite/frame based animation – there would probably be better ways of doing this.
Animhator still has a lot of bugs and quirks, but we’re gradually working them out… it also has a special area for rushed features. Great!


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