November 8, 2010


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Since EGV launched on both X360 and PC, I’ve been fairly busy (considering I was originally going to take a break for a week or two) working on a “spin-off” called SUPER JANITOROID.

In a lot of ways it was an exercise to see how flexible our current framework is at creating a different style of game.. We’ve got new animation tools, and improvements to our level editor – which have definitely helped with this new game… as well as a few speed improvements in loading / object creation.

The majority of programming for this game has been within components…which is a good sign! I’ve written a few components for enemy AI, for weapon types, and moving platforms.. the rest of this project has mainly just been level design, animation and similar content creation tasks! So – that’s been quite good in “proving” the framework.

EGV has done pretty well in comparison to our expectations.. it’s definitely a complex game to explain to someone, despite it really just being platform/adventure, there’s something else to it which might initially throw people… either way – the feedback from those who’ve played it has been brilliant..and that’s what we can hope for! party on! anyway – time for me to try and finish off SUPER JANITOROID.


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