June 1, 2010

Time off

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Had a week off to record with awesome brutaltechnopunk band Kieronononon … was really fun, and we got a lot done. Good stuff.

Also, made a whole load of plans / design decisions for Excruciating Guitar Voyage… the project is looking really ambitious (but hopefully achievable)  – and I think it’s gonna turn out great. We’re looking at a mid-August release for PC.

It’s a bit too early to show any more screenshots than I’ve already posted (and quite a lot of what’s been posted will change / has changed already).. but I can write a little bit about some of the game concepts we’re using.

Componentiator is still being used as the scene editor.. it’s still a bit rough, as tools go, but it’s far better than hand editing .scene (our own xml scene format, used by SEU/EGV) files.. Some simple play logic can be done with ‘triggers’ and ‘receivers’ in Componentiator.. but more complicated behaviours can either be done by scripting (simple xml based scripting, which uses commands which can choose to be synchronous or asynchronous with gameplay as they wish), or by writing a behaviour component (for more constant or repeated behaviours)… or a combination of the two!

EGV also uses a 2D lighting system which combines pre-baked lightmaps (generated using the physics system / raycasts when editing the level), and real-time ‘splashes’ of light to illuminate the scene… it looks pretty awesome, and really adds some mood to the game. – something we’re definitely going to be using!

We’re at the point now in EGV where the bulk of work is scripting/content creation/design… and the occasional helper component. It’s great to be in that kind of situation when working on a game like this, as it means we can just focus on bringing our ideas to life… I’ll try and post a short video in around 2 weeks of our progress, because I think it’ll be cool for people to see.

So, it was good to have some time off… my brain is still a bit fuzzy from finishing SEU, but I think I’m just about back on track to kick some ass on the next couple of projects.

“SEU2” (if that’s what it ends up being called) is looking really good! The graphics are a real jump from the first, and the wall jumping / new enemies / etc.. really makes for a different feel to the gameplay. We’re hoping to have several different gameplay modes in the game (survival, race, vs, team vs, anything else we can think of… suggestions from either of my readers are welcome 😉 ) …

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