April 10, 2010

continuing on (again)

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Stick ‘Em Up has been doing really well in the XBLI charts. Me and Jon are both very pleased. I feel it’s a win for “good gameplay” amongst what can sometimes look like a sea of avatar gimmick. It goes to show, you can just make a good, solid, fun game – and it will be successful on its merits. Party on.

(find out more about Stick ‘Em Up at http://whatevergames.net/ )

Anyway…. it’s time to move on to the next project(s). I’d taken a couple of weeks off after SEU – the first week was very busy, and the second was not. I did some recording with Kieronononon, saw some bands, went to a safari, and even found time to play some games. Either way – right now, it’s looking like I’m going to be very busy for the next couple of months – and I think that’s a good thing..

Here’s a screenshot from Excruciating Guitar Voyage (PC / X360 Indie). You can see here, ‘the EGV sewer band’ – hanging out in the sewers.

Since I last posted about EGV, I’ve pretty much started again…! It may seem wasteful, but now I’ve actually got an idea of how I want the game to play, this restart made a lot of sense. Plus, I’ve brought it up to scratch using all the GameObject/Component management systems we used in SEU (while also bringing over its existing simple scripting system – for cutscenes, game events, etc..). No idea on the timescale for this, as I’m working on another project with Jon – and that will be taking priority.. and I’ll just be working on EGV whenever I get stuck / level design block / etc…

Things should be more efficient on this project, as we actually have a scene editor now! Screenshot below (yes, I realise it still says “form1”.. not all the buttons work yet, either):

I’m also (for a couple of weeks) helping out around the edges on another game project.. it’s starting to come together now – should be really fun! Not sure how much I can write about that, so I’ll keep it minimal for now.

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