March 22, 2010


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STICK ‘EM UP is now available online!

here’s a photo!


March 18, 2010

Stick ‘Em Up

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This post is for the Watgrove.

Stick ‘Em Up has gone back in to review today on X360 Indie. It’s looking really really good, and it’s a total blast to play (especially with 2+ players). We had a really good time playing 4 player in one of our playtests – several hours passed without us even realising.

There’s a trailer available online here:


Stick ‘Em Up uses BOX2D.XNA, which seemed to work flawlessly for us. The car vehicle physics was a simple raycast suspension model – one raycast for each wheel (2 wheels, as we’re in 2D), using the length of ray, you model a spring (with damping) and project a force back on to the car body at the joining point of the wheel.. based on this force, and the angular velocity of the wheels you also drive the car forwards/backwards. It’s simple, but very effective. I’m sure there are far better explanations of this technique online, just thought it might be interesting for some people to know how we tackled this.

Oh, and – it can do a loop the loop. Rock on!

So, the game has bosses, spaceships, helicopters, 4 player, rocket launchers, grenades, etc..etc.. and a whole bunch of unlockables too. Hopefully people will enjoy it!

So yeah, all going well, should be on marketplace in about a week. For more information check out http://whatevergames.net/stickemup/

I’ve been working on a scene editor for the game object system. For Stick ‘Em Up, we did the majority of object placement within levels by hand editing XMLs. This is no longer necessary. Level geometry is still created in Inkscape, but objects (e.g. enemies, etc..) can be added/removed/moved in real time in the editor. Gradients/textures/etc.. can also be easily edited, and the changes reflected instantly. It works well because the majority of the code is identical to the actual game code (e.g. we can just bring over the components cared about from the game to the editor). Next time I get a chance I’ll post some screenshots / explanation here.

It’s my birthday today. Going to see Skindred tonight in Birmingham!

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