November 21, 2009

ign’s top picks!

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Mr BeatLoop on IGN's Top Pick's

Mr BeatLoop on IGN's Top Pick's



November 19, 2009

good news!

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Mr BeatLoop has made it in to IGN’s “Top Picks” on Xbox Indie. This was a total surprise to me – in fact, I found out by a friend congratulating me, after they’d seen it was there (followed by “oh, you don’t know, do you?”)..

Either way – this is awesome news, and I’m glad that it has been so popular! I have played a bunch of the latest Xbox Indie games, and some of them are fantastic – so it’s really nice to be included alongside those.

I have been working away on the other projects, and as usual – there is very little to say. I’m gearing up to put a trailer/video on line for one of them (and I’ve been getting some input/feedback/contributions from a few people – fanks guyyyz). I wouldn’t count on this being before Christmas…

I’ve also been looking at, and discussing the best way to implement the wickedworx shop – and how this will tie in with (PC) game purchases. There’s a lot of different options here, so I’ve been reading up on how various other independent game/software developers have handled this. As the new, online, independent game development community has been growing more and more information has become available to read on these subjects… but yet – I still am a long way from making any decision!

This weekend, I’m going to take the weekend off working  (!) and actually relax and play some games. Hopefully it’ll do me some good!

November 14, 2009

continuing from Mr BeatLoop

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Mr BeatLoop has been a success – at least as far as I’m concerned. Everyone who I’ve shown it to has enjoyed it, and I’ve had a decent number of customers on X360 marketplace.

I’m now heading back towards working on the two PC projects for a while. I’ve been pretty busy the last month with things other than wickedworx, so getting my head back in the game is the main challenge. There’s a lot of work to do, especially on Excruciating Guitar Voyage (the longer term project). To keep myself motivated, and interested, I am splitting my development between multiple projects. Only time will tell if this is a good idea. There is a fairly large shared codebase, so often an improvement in one can result in an improvement to the other.

Today is either going to be an asset creation day, or a wickedworx.net update day. or both. I hope both.

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