October 29, 2009


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I finished “Mr BeatLoop”, and got it online on X360 Indie. It’s pretty cool – and i got some good feedback from the AxlRoseJazzFunkExperience guys, who have been playing with it today. – if there is a sequel I’ll do some consulting with them, and others for what features should be included. This won’t be for a long while, however (next year maybe!).

I’ve been making the site work a bit better, so I can get information out more quickly when I need to. I’m also working on the highscore back-end, and how it is used within project two. I have another plan for Excruciating Guitar Voyage, which will integrate the game and the website in a more ‘story driven’ way, to ‘extend’ the game out in to the internet. More on that after Project Two, no doubt.

I’m also going to set up mini profiles for users on wickedworx – so that the highscores entries actually mean something (rather than just being a username). Again, a while off – as there is nothing to use it quite yet.

Mr BeatLoop. available now.


October 8, 2009

forum ‘n progress

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so i’ve put together the (very simple) forum on the wickedworx site. i think it’s all we need – those phpBB things are over the top, and most people are using facebook/etc.. nowadays anyway for this kind of thing. – the main reason I wanted it here was to connect the highscores usernames to the profiles a bit better.. also it gives another reason to sign up.

anyway – game progress. things are going well. there’s another xbox indie game on the way (basically finished actually!) which i hope to submit next week… it was just a “one evening” fun project, really.

the music game project is going well. i’m still putting together a version for the trusted few to test out – i could give them the version i’m currently running, but i want it to be more of a landmark “this works now” version – which i imagine mid-November, I will have.

I’ve updated a few of the details on the site, so it’s a lot less under construction.

I’ve been thinking about COGS again, and the ‘meme’ based improv octopuses system I was working on for COGS2 (so, uh, this is a long way off.. – the next COGS will be essentially COGS1.5 – and seeing as COGS1 was never released, that’s still a pretty cool step!!). basically you have a ‘meme’ which is the template of the music the octopuses are jamming to.. there’s a tree like structure, and the ‘meme’ is passed down through the nodes to reach an octopus. the nodes cause various mutations to theĀ  meme, which the octopuses ultimately end up playing – thus causing improvisation, and variation on a per-octopus, or per-group level.

ok bye

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