September 21, 2009

game test

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been putting together some of the site. it took less time than I thought… and project 2 can connect and do clever stuff with hi-scores and whatever…

game side I’ve been working on a number of things.. visualisation, GUI, web-connectivity.. and even just getting a ‘proof of concept’ ‘level’ running. this is all totally vague, but it’ll be worth it for when I can properly write about what it is/does/etc…

I’m at the point where I’m getting a couple of people in on testing it (lightly)… which is always exciting! hey – it might not work on any other PC than mine!!! who knows?!?!?!?


September 15, 2009

it starts

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wickedworx.net is now on its way to being set-up! exciting stuff…

So far, I’ve been working on project 1 and project 2. One is a quick simple to put together (but deep, and exciting!!) music themed game, and the other is a slightly more complex story driven adventure. They will both be boosted by wickedworx.net online functionality, which is also being developed alongside.

I can’t write too much until project 2 (the smaller project) is further in to development, as I don’t want someone else doing this first!! 🙂 I estimate maybe 3-4 weeks and I’ll be able to put some screenshots or videos online.

I thought I should probably add some content to this post – so I’ll write about my source control and back-up system!

I’m using SVN for source control. This turned out not to be as great as I’d hoped, but I’m used to it – so I’m sticking with it. I didn’t like the idea of GIT or any of the newer source control systems – maybe just because they’re very new. Anyway, my SVN repository is now *huge* – mainly because all my data binaries are checked in there too. There’s no ‘real’ way to delete old history in SVN (I realise the point of source control is to keep your history, but if I explicitly want to delete Revision 1 of my 70MB data file, to free up 70MB, you’d figure I’d be able to!! – but, no…).

I’m running that SVN server locally, so it’s not ideal as a backup (it’ll back-up against my cock-ups, but won’t back up against fire/disk corruption/flooding/etc…). I also have an external HD which is backed up to every hour this will back-up against disk corruption, but not against fire/flooding/similar (as it has to be within USB-cable reach of my main dev PC). So, I have regular scheduled back-ups to a secure private FTP set up (my entire repo is zipped up, encrypted, and backed-up this way). That should give me one final fall-back should anything go wrong!

I’m using a very good, and free piece of software called Comodo BackUp. I’m amazed such a great program is available for nothing. It does everything I need – automated backups to the external HD, automated zipping/FTP uploading, etc..etc.. It’s very flexible, and so far has proven to be very reliable!

OK, that’s all.

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